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我们很高兴邀请有兴趣的人士参加我们在荷兰奥斯总部举行的2018年VEGA工厂开放日活动,时间 从2018年3月22日(周四)到24日(周六)。.




  • 新的无烫带式Vegaroll G1600烫平机
  • 新的Vega毛巾折叠机S线
  • 新的Vega自动筛选系统
  • 新的Vega CL3三站式无角折叠机
  • 新的Vega 展布机3S1型
  • 全新的Vega洗涤压榨机和烘干机


  • Vega连续分批式洗衣机
  • Vega压榨脱水机,框架式
  • Vega直通式脱水干燥机


  • Vega拾捡机,床单预展开
  • Vega 4S12展布机,折叠机
  • Vega燃气加热式烫平机
  • Vega APML滚落式折叠机及分类和堆码机


请通过邮件和电话与Vega Systems B.V联系。如果你需要交通和住宿方面的帮助,一定要提前预订。


VEGA Systems is pleased to be participating for the first time at this years Jakarta, Indonesia Laundry & Cleaning Expo 2017.

Expanding VEGA Systems horizons into the Asia Pacific region is an important step in reaching out to a new market with equipment that offers clients a perfect; user friendly, latest technology alternative.

We will be exhibiting a standard 1.8 Multifold SUPER Towel Folder, with 3 sorting stack positions.
The Vega Multifold SUPER Towel Folder has become a very popular choice of clients over recent years, so much so that other well known laundry equipment manufactures prefer to order the Vaga Systems towel folder and rebrand it for their resale in projects, etc.

VEGA Systems will be at Booth No. D10.
Please visit us there so we can explain fully how Vega Systems can be your next machine solution provider.

You can find more information about the expo by going to: