The VEGAFOLD is a compact, reliable and versatile folder for all kinds of flatwork, like: sheets, duvets, table linen and small pieces.
With its high speed variations from 7 up to 55 mtr/min this machine can work in either small or bigger laundries.
Due to its compact construction this machine will fit in almost any laundry creating an efficient and ergonomically working environment.


Pieces coming out of the ironer are measured by the photocell and counting-wheel on the feeding belts of the folder. After measurement, the piece will fall free behind the folder to keep it straight and tensioned before the first lateral-fold.

The first lateral-fold will be done by an air knife between two driven rollers, to flatten the piece and to create a nice sharp fold. After the first lateral-fold the piece will be transported to the second lateral-fold, which is executed by two air knives between driven rollers.
One knife is used to fixate the piece and keep it straight while the second knife will blow the piece between the rollers for the second lateral-fold.

After the lateral-fold section the piece will be processed on a driven table before the cross-fold section. Above this table, the stainless steel cross-fold knife will fold the piece between two driven rollers for the first cross-fold. The second and third cross fold are executed by knifes in combination with belt reverse-folding. The second and third cross-fold can be bypassed if only one or two folds are required.

After folding the piece will be stacked by the standard drop-stacker up to the pre-programmed number of pieces.

The standard opening of the cross-fold section is 825mm, which means that pieces up to 3200mm can be folded twice and still go into the cross-fold section.

For technical specifications & features, please contact us.